Presentations at SASGO 2016

Speakers at the SASGO 2016 Congress have agreed to make their presentations available here. Click on the name to view them.

We will keep the list updated as new presentations are made available.

Adams, Tracey Dr

Amant, Frederic Prof presentation 1

Amant, Frederic Prof presentation 2

Botha, Hennie Prof

De Greve, Tom Dr

De Muelemare, Ingo Dr presentation 1

De Muelemare, Ingo Dr presentation 2

Guidozzi, Franco Prof

Macaulay, Shelley Dr presentation 1

Macaulay, Shelley Dr presentation 2

Malan, Julie Ms

Richards, Dominic Dr

Simonds, Hannah Prof presentation 1

Simonds, Hannah Prof presentation 2

Smith, Trudy Dr

Van der Merwe, Haynes Dr

Wainstein, Tasha Ms

Zikan, Michal Prof

Zikan, Michal Prof presentation 1

Zikan, Michal Prof presentation 2