About us

The South African Society of Gynaecologic Oncology was founded in Stellenbosch in 2006.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide a scientific society for our members with the view of promoting excellence in gynaecologic cancer care.

We get involved in training in gynaecologic oncology on all levels in South Africa.

We aim to fulfil our advocacy role on behalf of women in South Africa by liaising with concerned governmental and non-governmental groupings, institutes for training and examination as well as authorities and related advisory and research groups and bodies.

Further we strive to promote research in the field of gynaecologic oncology and to explore ways to improve and ensure quality control in gynaecologic cancer care.

In order to support our existence and functioning, our mission includes communication, marketing and fundraising.


We are affiliated to SASOG – the South African Society of Obstetrians and Gynaecologists, and we agree to their broad vision and mission.

Further we are affiliated with the IGCS – International Gynecologic Cancer Society. We support the vision of the IGCS.


SASGO affairs are managed by an executive committee elected at a General Meeting. A President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected from the membership and serve a term of three years. A second consecutive term of office is allowed whereafter the incumbent must step down. Re-election to office can take place after a further cycle of three years. SASGO strives to have continuity of its management.

Executive Committee

Chairperson                                           Prof Greta Dreyer

Treasurer                                                Dr Haynes van der Merwe

Secretary                                                 Prof Leon Snyman

SAJGO Editor in Chief                          Prof Hannah Simonds

Chair of SASGO 2018 Committee      Dr Bruce Howard


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