IGCS online council election – Voting open now

Our President, Professor Greta Dreyer, has been nominated as a candidate for the IGCS council elections. The position is for Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

She undertakes to faithfully represent our members as well as all women living in the developing world.

Online voting is open now.

Professor Greta Dreyer’s Statement detailing why she should be elected, how her leadership qualifications and experience will benefit the IGCS and what she hopes to accomplish if elected:

‘Recently, the IGCS increased efforts to be more representative in terms of geography, level of development, and gender. After growing up and being educated in Africa, I worked and trained in Western Europe, then chaired a leading gynaecologic oncology unit in South Africa for 15 years. I gained experience of the challenges facing resource restricted areas in service delivery, research, and training. Having lived and worked in highly and less developed countries and on both continents, I have understanding and can represent both sides.

I have established research collaborations, a scholarly journal, innovative training and outreach programmes and received trainees from Europe, Africa, and Asia. I have developed contextually relevant guidelines and policies and served in leadership positions on all national, academic and professional bodies. This experience may be helpful in improving education, training and publication programmes.

The IGCS acknowledges the need for gender equity to improve outcomes of gynaecologic cancer worldwide. I already apply myself to this goal, representing female professionals and fighting for woman’s rights and access to quality health care. In all these aspects, I will assist the organisation to be more representative and bridge divides while enabling professionals to improve cancer services worldwide.’


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